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Founded On Quality And Customer Service

Delross Design Jewellers started with the ethos "Experience the Delross Difference" 15 years on and many fantastic clients and jewellery pieces later we have become one of Brisbane's premier designer jewellers. Offering a uniquely creative and personal way to shop for jewellery that sets you apart from the crowd.  

Jewellers Workshop

For Approximately 14 years Delross Design Jewellers has operated a retail and workshop facility in the suburb of Everton Park Brisbane with the passage of time has come change and the Everton Plaza will be be demolished to make way for new lane way development this change has given Delross the opportunity to adjust to the needs of our customers and will now have two studios from which we will offer the same friendly and knowledgeable service in Stafford Heights & Bribie Island. So for any Jewellery needing attention feel free to drop by, however if you believe you need a little more time to discuss designing or remodelling and wish to deal with the design jeweller at either studio, why not book a appointment?      


High Quality Materials

Access to large and small suppliers both here and overseas we are able to source high quality diamonds, gemstones and jewellery at competive prices

Jewellery Advice

Been a member of Australian jewellery organisations such as the JAA GAA NCJV your in safe hands at Delross Jewellers we only offer sound advice backed by facts.

Only skilled Jewellers

Talk to a jeweller all Delross employees are highly skilled trained jewellery professionals combining a wealth of knowledge and experience covering all facets of fine jewellery.


Commonly Asked Questions

Q. How long will my repair take?

Allowing 1 weeks turn around is normal sometimes can take a little longer if sourcing of unique stones or materials is required. 

Some complex watch repairs can take up to 3 month depending on parts availability however this is rear and 7 to 10 days is normal, batteries are while you wait.   

Q. What does a Valuation Cost?

Valuations are and can be quite complex depending on the jewellery piece a basic valuation starts at around $90 and increases with time spent required to research stone grades quality and replacement values.  

Q. How do I get an Estimate for any Jewellery work Need?

Best way is to bring it in we are able to use specialized equipment as needed to fully appraise any work  required.

Q. Will my Jewellery be safe?

Yes, been manufacturing jewellers we have a well equipped secure studios & workshop with 24 hour professionally monitored security. 

Q. What if I don't like it?

Delross Jewellers is dedicated to producing high quality jewellery to exacting customer standards.It's important to us that you don't like it.....you love it.

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